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Daring Murals

Eyecatching daring mural art! Are you looking for something different on your wall? Well stop looking you have found it. MootjArt makes very different, progressive art. We don't make ordinairy square paintings, no, our art has an indefiniable shape. Wouldn't it be nice to have a mural especially made for you, in a colour matching your interior design? 
DO IT! Make a difference and show the world that you value art made from reused materials. We are happy to give you a quotation.













Original Eardrops

MootjArt makes dazzling eardrops from recycled paper. The trick is to find two identical, or even beter two mirrored images. The charm of this technique is that the eardrops often slightly differ. In a magazine you will never find a picture where lighting and shapes are completely identical. And so you have an unique pair of earrings that no one else on this world has. MootjArt can also personalize your earrings to your favorite color or with personal photos. It's only 12 euros for a pair of eardrops (Without shipping costs), so we say: 













Intruiging Frames

You always thought your mirror beautiful, but still something was missing. Colour! MootjArt makes beautiful colourful frames for mirrors and photos. We make them in the colour you want and we can even personalize them with photos of your loved ones. We are sure your visitors will say: "Well there's something I never have seen". There is no limit in size. We will DO IT, so why don't you ask for a quotation to see if we can make something to your liking.

Big Frame











Do it!


MootjArt offers you the unique possibility to have your very own exclusive design, whether you want a bag, a mural, a frame, ear drops, or anything else you can think of. No second will exist on the world! 

Wouldn't it be nice to have something made to your own taste, with your favorite color, to go with your new coat or sofa? You can even have some photos of your beloved snuggled in! Or you can send us your favorite sheet music or that book that you always hated, or your glossy magazines. 

So, start now and browse our site for your new bag like the MiniMO, ToMOrrow, or HarMOny and compile your own MootjArt-Bag, because our innovative bags are all you need to pep up a casual outfit! Or use a MootjArt-Bag as an excuse for a new outfit! Or ask a quotation for your personalized photo/mirror frame, ear drops or mural.


The form below is an indication for us about what you want. By email we will agree on the exact details.


Send your message by successfully clicking below :







MootjArt story

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Making of
















Who's behind MootjArt?


Who's behind MootjArt? 



























Rules of Play:



How nice! You have decided to want a piece of art from MootjArt. Thank you ever so much for your order! We are going to do our stinking best to make a beautiful bag, frame, pair of ear drops or a mural, together with you. You can state all your wishes in our Do It-form or send us an email: 



MootjArt likes to receive the first half of the purchasing costs at you ordering. When you have received your MootjArt-item you will pay the second half. Paying will be done by money transfer from bank to bank.

   iban NL96 SNSB 0943 0657 98 


   Account holder: E.F. van Dijk 

Please mention your name and the name of the object you ordered.


Shipping costs
All prices are without shipping. Shipping costs differ per item, depending the size. Since you pay in two payments we will let you know the shipping costs when we send your MootjArt-item to you. You pay the shipping costs with your second payment on arrival of your order.


Delivery time 

Experience has learned that it can take over one month to get your MootjArt-item to you. The making of an item takes most of the time two weeks. And because we make every object on special demand we have no stock of materials. The ordering of materials especially for your bag takes on average two weeks. Sending the bag to you cost another week. With that, orders are attended to in order of receipt, but we keep you informed of the work in progress on your MootjArt-item.



Touch wood, but it can happen that the packaging on its long way to you is damaged. When your package arrives we would like you to film the package and the opening of it, so that we can see that it arrived safely.  



All the MootjArt-items can be wiped clean with a soft warm damp cloth without cleaning products. The imitation leather parts of the bags are to be cleaned in the same manner. 


Exchanges and returns 

Unless offered for sale on the site, your MootjArt-item is especially made for you to your special wishes. That means that exchanges and returns of this especially made for you item, are not possible. During the creation process, we have had contact with you by sending you photos and/or videos, at which you have been able to state your wishes. Also colors can be different in reality than that they seemed to be on your electronic device, unfortunately we cannot prevent that. 


Life expectancy of a MootjArt-object

It is not yet known what the life expectancy is of for example a MootjArt-Bag. All depends on how you use your bag.  

Attention: the laminate is a supple plastic, when this damages, the protection of the paper is gone.  

And although the bag is laminated, the bag will probably not be able to be immersed under water, probably the paper will swell and that won't do any good to the quality.   

Spatters and a little rain won't be a problem, but as with other tissues, the fabric of the zipper plateau can get ugly.   

All imitation leather parts of the bag, like real leather, do not really like water and imitation leather parts have a shorter life span than real leather. 



It would be terribly unfortunate when something on your  MootjArt-item would break down. Of course we are going to look for a solution to help you repair it, if necessary the item can be send to us. But like everything in life, that costs money. Costs of repairs due to neglect or careless use or the normal to be expected wear and tear, are for you, aswell as the shipping costs to MootjArt and our return costs to you.    

If something on your MootjArt-item would break down due to a production error of MootjArt, we help you repair it and these costs are on our account. If this repair can only be done by MootjArt itself, the bag can be send to us and then you only pay your shipping costs to us. 



MootjArt is made of printed repurposed paper. That means that the paper has already lived a long life before it experienced its renaissance in your MoortjArt-item. So people can have made notes in books, or children can have scratched in a book, or someone might have picked his nose... We try to prevent that such things are used in your MootjArt, but we can overlook things and then we consider it the charm of repurposed materials.

It's possible that on the fragments of paper, words or texts are visible, which can be experienced as unpleasant. MootjArt tries to prevent this, but it is not possible to read all the fragments ourselves. The visible texts are not the expression or opinion of MootjArt.

We reserve the right to reject orders that can be offensive. 



This website and probably every other website ever made, uses cookies. 



All the depicted materials on this website are copyrighted in a normal way. You need our permission to use the material no matter where and in what form.  


Legal Notice

Assured for selling on markets and for giving workshops,

not in the United States of America and/or Canada,

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MMA, 12 pl du Foirail, 34220, St. Pons de Thomières.












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